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is a novel health information system designed with mobility and intelligence in mind. The Rating Station combines the simplicity and ease of traditional paper forms with the power and flexibility of computer-based assessment. The Control Center provides a powerful suite of tools to create the user interface and manage the computational logic of complex instruments. Together, they constitute an indispensable tool for clinical health treatment and research.

ASPECT Brochure  
Brochure detailing the ASPECT system and its benefits.
Aspect Software Demonstrations  
Online and downloadable demonstrations of the Aspect software and Aspect forms.
Demo Site
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about installing, configuring, and working with Aspect, the Aspect Control Center, and the Aspect Rating Station.
FAQs Site
Aspect Documentation  
Installation Manuals and User's Guides for Aspect, the Aspect Control Center, and the Aspect Rating Station.
Documentation Site
Aspect Software Downloads  
Aspect System installation packages and software updates.
Software Site
Aspect Form Downloads  
Various forms that can be added to the Aspect System.
Forms Site


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