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TrialSenseTM means clinical trials automation. Featuring intelligent case report forms, task workflow sequencing, and robust security, TrialSense offers a comprehensive solution for the administration of multiple trials within a single integrated environment. Its user-friendly, Web-based data collection interface is the portal to a powerful and flexible software engine that continuously monitors the complete clinical trial process. TrialSense empowers clinical researchers to achieve accurate, efficient, effective clinical trials.

Please Note: You may need a username and password to download some TrialSense software. Please contact INFOTECH Soft for more information.

TrialSense System

TrialSense System v1.2

Please read the TrialSense System Installation Guide about installing and configuring the TrialSense system and its prerequisite software.

TrialSense System
TrialSense System installation package. Includes TrialSense Console, TrialSense Web Server, and TrialSense Alert Engine

85.7 MB



Prerequisite Software

MySQL Database Server
Back-end database management system for persistent storage of TrialSense data.
Version 5.0 or later is required.

36.6 MB


MySQL Website

Previous Versions

TrialSense System v1.1

TrialSense v1.1 Software Downloads

TrialSense v1.1 Software

TrialSense v1.1 Documentation

TrialSense v1.1 Documents


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